What Do You Do When They Walk Through the Doors?

I visited a new coffee shop recently where everyone shouted “hello” as you walked in. It was very motivating. Usually the boss was the first one to shout a loud “hello” to you.

I wondered was how long this would continue after the store had been open for a while and discovered that they kept it up for several weeks— until the boss wasn’t always there. Then, it depended on which supervisor was there. Some of the supervisors were not as diligent about this “welcome” to the folks who came through the doors.


That’s one reason that Morning Huddles are good:  they get your team ready for the day. An energizing huddle can make it so that team members are ready to give everyone a great experience. After all, why should any person be denied that special treatment, regardless of whether a team member is psyched up for the day or not.

On a recent trip to New York City, my wife and I had to wait outside the Macy’s Store (the original flagship store) until exactly 10 am, when the doors opened.

Lined up on each side of the entrance were hundreds of workers who were all clapping and singing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the shoppers entered the store.  It was so exciting. I couldn’t stop smiling after seeing all the employee smiles and experiencing something that was so unexpected.



I have only one question for you this week:

What do you do when a customer comes through the door?

Have a  discussion with the people in your organization about what you presently do to recognize customers and what you could be doing to make them feel more welcome.

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