Two heads are better than one

Two Heads are Better than One

Question: Who do I talk to when I have something important to handle?

I’m a really lucky guy in many ways. I have support from many people who I can go to and get an honest opinion. They are great brainstormers and aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m out in left field.
One of those is my wife. She always looks at things from a different perspective, so I like to hear where she is coming from when I’m working on a project. It has been said that when it comes to brainstorming, 1+1=3. I believe that. She and I will talk something out and the end result will be magnificent. I brainstorm with a lot of people, but she’s the only one that gets a hug and a kiss when we wrap up our discussion.

When I am doing corporate training I will usually find one or two people who seem to be honest with how they feel about what I’m saying or doing with their group. They become my go-to people to get an honest opinion about what they want more of, less of and what they want me to change. Their help is invaluable.

Recently I’ve been doing some courses for a university. They wanted me to do a module on change management. It’s been a blast working with them, but since I’m not a faculty member and they will be my audience, I found another person speaking at the conference who is a professor at the University. His insight has been invaluable, as I plan what I will be covering.

I guess in every case above, I realize that I may have some knowledge about certain areas, but it is much better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of and level-up my performance.

Who are the people you rely on to help you level up and perform at your very best?
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________

I have an idea. Call them this week and tell them how much you appreciate them. Maybe you’ll be like me and have one will get a hug and a kiss.

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