In my book, Perfect TIMING, I offer you many systems you can try to organize your life. You will find helpful forms throughout the book and can download them from my website.


The electronic world, however, offers some great ways to be more productive–and they keep improving apps so that they become better and better.
Here are a few I recommend you try:


This one has become essential to me. I store every Word document and PowerPoint I have in this app, since I can access it from any device. I am never without items I need to work on, whether I am in an airport or doctor’s office.


This app will allow you to scan pictures and documents and categorize them for easy access. You can even have a discussion with someone right within the app. Think of the time you will save by being able to get to these items quickly.


This app is similar to Evernote. It’s great for the notes you scribble down each day and is easy for those times that you are drawing diagrams or visual representations of things. The app is especially popular with students.


Here’s one of my favorites. You can color- coordinate notebooks and store each subject in a separate book. This is awesome if you want each client’s notes in a separate place. They recently added audio to store recordings.


This one is cool You can actually break down your projects into tasks and then do timed focus sessions so that you not only focus on the subject, but know when to pull away for awhile. This creates more powerful,work sessions.


I have clients use this when I want them to do a time log (or as my book calls it—ACTIVITY ANALYSIS). It shows you exactly where your time goes. I suggest you do it yearly, but with this app you may want to do it more often.

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