Q:  Should I or shouldn’t I be in our Chamber’s Expo / Trade Show this year?

A:  By all means…YES!

Each year I have clients ask if they should be in their local Expo (Trade Show).  I always tell them to do it.  The results produced are much greater than the time devoted to do it.  Here are some of the advantages…

1.  You have the opportunity to set up a special “store” (your booth) for the time period you are exhibiting.    You can try out a new look that you may even want to duplicate in your actual store (after the Trade Show).

2.  You have a captive audience of both present clients and new prospects who may want to do business with your organization either next week or down the road.

3.  You can offer some special promotional items for people to keep at their desk, in their car or in their home so that when they are thinking about your type of business they are reminded of you first.

4.  You can offer a game or other activity for them to participate in, which will let them see your staff in action– having fun and offering a pleasant experience for them.

5.  You will be able to educate everyone about your business.  Most Trade Shows don’t want you to sell products that day, but you can take orders to process after the Show.

6.  You can show them the latest and greatest things that your organization offers. And if there’s a wayto  demonstrate your product, do it!

7.  You may pick up additional business with other vendors who are in the trade show hall.

8.  You will have an opportunity for Trade Show visitors to meet any new employees at your organization.  Having them there is a great way to on-board them to your organization.   You can introduce them to as many people as possible.

9.  By talking to other vendors, you may develop some business partnerships you wouldn’t have considered before.

10.  Having a booth at the Trade Show shows everyone in the community that you and your organization are alive and well

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