‘Tie One On’ for the Upcoming Year

While on my morning run the other day, I noticed two homes that combined one nice Christmas decoration for their mailbox post, which contained both of their mailboxes. It really looked great. Together they brought a theme together for very nice results.

That’s something that we should think about in our organizations. What could we do with someone else to get a better effect or better results?

Is there a program or project we are working on that isn’t quite making it, but with support from another entity could be much greater?

For instance, if there is a common entrance for your business that is for two or more store? Should you each contribute some money to purchase a mat or decorator item that makes a great impression when people enter?

Should you talk to an area media representative about having a special celebration just for your area of town so that together you can generate more interest and provide a really great experience for our community?

So instead of just thinking only about yourself (that’s not a slam) think of all the ways you can enhance your business— and other businesses that you could work with.


  • What’s the first organization that comes to your mind that you could work with?
  • Have you ever worked with them or other organizations in the past?
  • If you’ve worked with other organizations, is there a reason you no longer do?
  • Pick something (even if it’s small) and see if collaborating on a project or program works well.

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