I walked into our shower the other day and noticed something that was new.  My wife had a shampoo and conditioner product called “Function”.  The slogan under the name was “Celebrating Individuality”.  Here’s the cool part.  It said “Function of Deborah”.  It had her actual name on the products she purchased.  And it was done on the same transparent label the name of the product was on, so it looked like “Function of Deborah” was a product of the company.

I asked her to tell me all about it.  She said that she ordered the products after filling out a survey that asked all sorts of questions to determine exactly how the product should be mixed for her specific hair needs.  

What a concept!  It’s brilliant.  It made me think about how I could do an even better job of customizing my products and services for my training and coaching clients.  On second thought, that is what I do.  But maybe I should change my marketing approach.

You may not be able to customize the labels of what you have for specific clients, but you could start by putting your logo on some of the products you give to your clients.  That reminds them that you thought of them.  Some companies do that on bottled water, coffee mugs, pens or other usable items. Today there are printers who will customize products for you, and they don’t always require that you order large quantities of the product.  

And as for services, each client you have probably needs a different combination of the services you offer. When you are in the sales process, does the client feel like you created it just for her or him, or do they think what you’re offering is what you offer everyone else?

                            ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

  • Make a list of all the products you sell.
  • Create a list of the services you offer.
  • Put a client’s name at the top of a paper and list all the things that client needs.
  • Think of every situation a client could face and determine whether you are prepared.
  • Make your next sales presentation one where what you have is just for them.

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