They Said She Would Never Be Able to Do It

I recently met a young lady from another country who saved money and kept her grades up so that she would be able to come to live in America. She moved here at one point in her life, but had to return to her home country because she ran out of money while trying to get her education.

When she returned to her country, her friends laughed at her and reminded her that they had said she would never be able to do it. She remembers how hurtful that felt. But unwilling to fail to live her dream, she raised the necessary money, came back to America and is on track to graduating in the near future.

How proud she is. How dedicated. How determined to do the thing no one thought possible.

Now two questions for you:
What is it you want to accomplish this year?
Will it be as difficult as what this young lady faced?

As an executive coach, I help people accomplish the goals they know they can do but need some support to achieve. Whether you are one of my clients or not, I offer my support to accomplish no matter what you want to do in 2018, whether it’s a big or small accomplishment. Break your big goals down into small chunks and accomplish one thing at a time.


  1. Select the biggest goal you want to achieve in the upcoming year.
  2. It can be business or personal goal— or one of each.
  3. Find someone who believes you can do it.
  4. Tell them what you are going to do (say it out loud).
  5. Ask yourself your goal partner what their goal is and offer support.
  6. Write down your goal. Hang it on a mirror or place you see daily.
  7. Celebrate each successful step to accomplishing your big goal.

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