Question: Is there a question I can ask to help me increase my business?

No matter what work you do, there is a question you can ask that has such power that you frequently get increased business and a more candid response from the person you pose it to.  It has actually been a question that workers behind the deli counter have asked you since you were a kid.  It goes way beyond just saying to someone “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

That’s the question we have heard in most stores where we shop– and in other lines of work, too.  The challenge with this question is that here’s how it usually goes:

You:  “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

            Person:  “No.”

And that’s not what you really wanted to hear.  Don’t you stand ready to do more for them to handle their pain points and make their life easier—as well as increase your business.

So here it is—the magic question you’ve been waiting for.  Ask this at the end of every transaction:

“What else can I do for you?”

Although it sounds similar, it makes a person think.  It’s so professional and shows you know your stuff.  You’re not afraid to venture into areas they may bring up.  It causes them to search for something else you can do for them.  They start to ponder all the goods and services you have.

I’ve had some clients say that they can’t think of anything else I can do for them, but they have someone else who might be able to use executive coaching or training.  Boom!  A referral.  Just what you love.

So now back to the deli.  People behind the counter serving you know that you probably came for many different things that they offer.  That’s just what they are used to.

So let’s change the paradigm in our fields, too.  Don’t think that your prospect or customer is only there for one thing. This magic question will help them think about all they might need from you.  And get ready.  They may ask you to tell them about all you offer.  What a great way to increase business.

This Week’s Action StepAsk the Magic Question of every prospect or client you talk    to this week.  I bet you’ll see a real difference.

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