Excitement Within a Seashell

The Excitement Within a Seashell

Question: I’ve lost some excitement about my job lately. What do I do?

Maybe you just need a re-boot.  Remember how excited you were when you were a kid and listened to the inside of a seashell and it sounded like the ocean?  How great it was to listen inside something so small that contained a sound that was so big?  It’s kind of like your job.  Remember when you took a position (maybe a small one) that seemed so big and exciting?

Some people never lose that passion.  They are just like they were the first day.  But not every day is perfect.  Surely you’ve had a few where you started to see the negative instead of the positive.  It happens to everyone.  Even the most happy of the clients I coach will sometimes start one of our check-in meetings a little “down”.  I feel that my job is to get them back up again—and it usually happens, without my even sending them a seashell from here in Florida.

The next time you have a rough day, a string of rough days, or maybe a longer stretch of not “feeling the passion”, consider some of these things:


  1.      Find a seashell, listen to it and see if you don’t smile when you hear the ocean.
  2.      Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise and eating well.
  3.      Remind yourself that work isn’t everything.  Think of those you love first.
  4.      Remember that your present “big problems” will likely be forgotten later in life.
  5.    Have a crucial conversation with your boss.  It may go better than you think.

Of course; if you think it’s time for a career change, maybe you should call an executive coach.  (Did I really just plug myself and my company out loud?”

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