Early Bird Gets the Worm


Question: Would my days be more productive if I got up earlier?

This old saying can really turn off some folks who like to sleep in. I come from a long line of early risers.  My father got up at 4 am, but he was in the grocery business and we had to unload the trucks early in the morning.  My mother got up very early, too.  After she and my father divorced, she worked three jobs to make ends meet.   However our early rising goes back further than that. My grandparents were also early risers, since they were involved in farming owning their own business.

So what’s my excuse for getting up 4 am?  I don’t really have to do that for my career.  It’s in my blood, I guess.  I love my morning ritual, though.  I didn’t always get up that early, but one night years ago, I couldn’t sleep, so I went out for a late night run.  I did a long run, so it actually turned into an early morning run, too.   The sunrise was just so beautiful that I wanted to see it as many days as possible.  Since my wife and children were not up yet, I could get my exercise in and not miss time with them later the evening.

Now that we’re in Florida, I do wait to run until it’s daylight outside so that I know all the Florida gators are back in their respective ponds and the panthers have returned to the woods. However I still make good use of the time before it’s daylight (as I mention in my book PerfectTIMING).

What would you do with some extra time early in the morning?  I thought I’d list what I do and see if it makes you think about how you might restructure your day (if you’re an early bird, that is).

Here’s the way mine looks…
— give my wife a kiss (She doesn’t know, since she’s still sleeping)
— meditate
— do core, stretching and strengthening exercises
— listen to the morning news on my I-Pad
— review the Perfect THREE things I want to do for the day
— write an inspiring e-mail to someone that will make their day
— spend about 90 minutes on my toughest project of the day

— jot down the inspiring things that come to my mind during these early hours
— watch a quick inspiring video
— (I almost forgot.  This should have been first)  drink my first cup of coffee
— get my e-mail screen down to one screen so I’m not overwhelmed
— run, swim or bike so that my exercise minutes are achieved early in the day

So here are a few questions for you:

1.   Are you an early morning riser?

2.  If you are, should you adjust your schedule to get up even earlier?

3.  What would your morning line-up look like?

4.   Write out a list and make tomorrow the first day you try it.

5.  Send me your feedback after you do it.  I will choose two of the best feedback reports and offer a complimentary executive coaching session to help you fine tune your day or handle whatever might help you “level up” at this point in the year.

And now, Early Bird, get to work!

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