Stop What You’re Doing & Look at the People around You

As you begin your work each week, you jump into procedures and systems that have been put in place to do whatever line of work you do. You’ve probably added many new systems to the old systems so that there is enough for everyone on your staff to do.

But have you taken time to think about your people? Are they happy at what they are doing. There is a term called “resting smiley face”. It means if you just look at someone’s natural expression as they sit and work, do they look happy?

Take a look and see if your people seem happy. If they are– great! If not, could it be that you’ve added so many procedures and systems to fix workplace problems that they are not happy any longer. They are worn down, stressed out or completely burned out.

Yves Morieux is a French management expert feels that we would have fewer problems if we would empower our people more and come up with fewer systems and “fixes” to problems. He suggests that you truly understand what each staff member does and reinforce your team members by giving them power to handle matters by themselves.

I feel this is where we are failing today. We simply don’t empower our people enough. The results is that they don’t fully understand the meaning of what they do–then mistakes occur.

This a out this today: What things could you hand over for your people to do so that they can show you how truly creative they are? And here’s the best part. You will have less to do so that your resting smiley face is a much happier look.

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