Start a STAIR BREAK Program: Work off the Food and on Your Thoughts

Q:  How can I find time to exercise each day when I am so busy?

A:  It may not be as hard as you think.  Consider avoiding elevators and doing flights of stairs for a Stair Break program.

We tend to say that we don’t have time to get our exercise in on a given day, but taking the stairs can be a way to get you into shape, keep you in shape, and give you time to think about the next part of the day.

I know some executives who work in a building with many floors who actually take several floors of stairs each day for a Stair Break to work off their food and on their thoughts.

The ultimate for my wife and I is when we go on a cruise.  There were at least 16 decks on the ship we were on last week.  Yes, my wife and I were those crazy people taking the stairs; but we love it.  It gives us time to talk and allows us to handle the extra food we may eat.  In fact, we both came back each losing almost two pounds.  How many people on a cruise can say that?

                            ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

Your Action STEPS Should be Stair Steps:

  1. Take a Stair Break tomorrow.  Then add a few more flights throughout the week.  
  2. Find a colleague who can join you.  Take a Stair Break with them and have a great discussion.
  3. After a week, weigh yourself and see if a Stair Break program might be right for you.

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