shake it up


Sometimes when I’m out in public, I notice situations that are interesting.   I was sitting in a coffee shop, awaiting my drink, when I heard a barista say they had run out of some of the syrups for drinks.

A woman walked in to order her special drink (that she probably ordered each day.) They told her that they had run out of the vanilla syrup that they usually put in her drink.  She frowned, sighed and asked them how they could run out of that basic item.

The barista apologized and said that she would make her a drink using a different syrup.  The lady was not pleased and just looked away.  In a few minutes the drink was finished  and the barista handed it to the lady.

The lady turned to walk out the door, took a few steps and abruptly turned around and said,” What is this?  What did you put in here?  This is the best drink I’ve ever had.  I’m going to order it every day.  Thanks so much.”

That’s what can happen when things are “shaken up” a little bit. Most of us get so comfortable in what we regularly do, we don’t give creativity and imagination a chance.

                                ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

  1.  What could you could do to shake up something in your life a little bit?
    2.  Pick something that you will shake up and do differently today.
    3.  Have you asked your team what should be shaken up at your organization?
  1. Listen to their ideas and try to implement some of the ideas they recommend.

The holidays are a great time to shake it up a bit.  Your schedule is probably a little different than your normal one.  Maybe you travel to different places for the holidays. While there, try some new things.  You might discover some new favorites of your own.

Happy holidays to you.  Now go shake it up!

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