Question:  How do I make customers feel special at my organization?

Answer:  Provide a little magic!

My daughter and son-in-law were excited.  The MagicBands had arrived for our annual trip to Disney World.  They serve as the pass to get us into rides, exhibits, a Fast Pass to get into specific areas, a credit card, our resort room key, and link to any photos we will have taken.

Our week at Disney is always like magic; they think of everything.  You’d think the trip is just for our grandson, but let’s face it—we all get just as excited as he does.  I’m not sure what makes it so magical.  I think it’s the combination of so many extras, including the music, the environment, the wonderful Disney cast, the nightly fireworks, or feeling like you are in countries far away (when you go to Epcot).

When I visit Disney I begin to think about what “magic” my clients could offer their customers to surprise and delight them.  What could they do to make their business the kind of places you want to come back to again and again?  It won’t be on the same scale as Disney, but it could be something very memorable.

                           ACTION STEPS FOR CREATING YOUR OWN MAGIC!

  1.   Let’s start with your team members.  Are they warm, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, people who follow through on everything?  Do they each have a memorable personality?  If so, you’ve started the magic.
  2.   How about your environment?  Is everything up-to-date?  Are the walls freshly painted?  Is there motivational artwork with smiling people to show how great your products or services make people feel?
  3.  Now let’s talk inventory.  Do you have all the products in the right places and do you change the location frequently so that customers bump into new things regularly?
  4.  The next ingredients are “surprise and delight.”  Do you occasionally offer your customers something complimentary or customized for them so that you add “surprise and delight” to what you do?
  5.  Under-promise and over-deliver.  That’s the name of the game today.  You give customers dates that you are sure you can do things by and then deliver everything in advance of that.   
  6.  Your own secret recipe.  Now that’s something you and I should discuss so that you can truly be magical. Contact me at dan@danchiodo.net or call 417-439-4900 and we will continue the magical conversation.

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