Perfect Compliment

PerfectCOMPLIMENTS Make Your (and their) Day!

In my book PerfectTIMING, I talk about grouping similar activities together. I call this activity BATCHING. You “batch” work that is the same and do it all at one time. It saves you time and helps you to focus.

Did you ever meet someone who had something negative to say about a person or company and who continues the conversation by selecting an additional person or company they aren’t happy with? One negative comments seems to fuel another and another…

After awhile, you probably don’t feel like listening anymore, because things are just never good enough.

Why is it that we don’t do this with the positive things we feel about a person or company? Thinking of all the positive things helps us set the stage for a more beautiful day– and a more productive day!

Try it. Sit down at your computer and write a testimonial to a person, company or even one of your clients. Tell them what it is that makes them so special. Don’t just do one. Do as many as possible.

Do you realize how many people you will make happy that day?
Do you realize how many people will be talking about you in a good way?
Do you know how many lives you could change for the better?
Do you know how big a person that makes you?

If you listen to my voice mail greeting you will hear me say that I hope you have a positive impact on someone’s life today. Why not have an impact on many lives today. And as for BATCHING, in a just a few minutes you will have accomplished one of your greatest things for the day. And it was all done in just a few moments. Now wasn’t that PerfectTIMING!

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