Q:  I don’t want to lose one of my managers, but she just isn’t changing some things that are important to me.
A:  Try a “Walk & Talk” outside the building.

I had a client the other day who needed to have what some call a crucial conversation with a manager.  He said that he thought they had an understanding about what she needed to change, but she seemed to brush it off.

Since my client had tried multiple ways to correct this manager, he is now thinking about releasing her if things didn’t change I suggested a “Walk & Talk” outside the building. I confirmed that any of the other times he tried to do a course correction he did it in his office with his employee on the other side of his desk. He said that he had. So, we want to see if this one memorable time will make a difference.

You can do an outside Walk & Talk for other things, too, like a “congratulations” for a job well done, a brainstorming session (walking really gets the juices flowing) or even a job well done on a project or achievement.  There is something special about you walking beside them to show you are trying to be their partner to achieve success.

Keep it short, confidential and limited to one topic if it’s a disciplinary issue or a congratulatory walk.  Why?  Because if you do several topics they will never remember the Walk for its intended focus.  You can always call them in your office to cover the other material later.


Try an outside “Walk & Talk” with at least one employee for one of these reasons:

1.  A great achievement
2.  A disciplinary situation
3.  An update on department progress
4.  A challenge you haven’t been able to solve
5.  A brainstorm to create something new

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