Leading an Extraordinary Life – Episode 28 with Cindy Moore

We can be healthy and vibrant at any age


I.  It Started With Celery Juice
     A.  Cindy’s journey out of pain and illness began with celery juice and books by Anthony William
     B.  Once she started with celery juice, a plant based diet soon followed
     C.  Within a week, she put away her cane
II.  Plant Based Diet
     A.  You won’t miss the sugar, fat, etc. once you learn use seasonings and herbs
     B.  You can make any food amazing
     C.  You would think that “plant-based” means salads every day, but it doesn’t
     D.  Her health is so much better, she intends to always eat plant-based
III.  Beyond Self: Cindy’s progression
     A.  First, she began improving herself with plant-based diet
     B.  Then she began to look outward to others
     C.  Raised her awareness of health for self, for others, for the planet
               1.  Eliminated plastics
               2.  Eliminated chemicals
IV.  Fully Accepting Self
     A.  Need to first take care of self to get to concern for others
                1.  Before you can love others, you have to love yourself
                         a.  We lose some of that self-love in teenage years
     B.  Behind your greatest fear is your greatest gift
     C.  Has recently rediscovered talents and hobbies from childhood and younger years
                1.  Started writing, and now writs two blogs
                2.  Challenged herself to do something new every day
V.  Follow Your Passion and Everything Else Will Take Care of Itself

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