Kick Up your Feet & Relax

Question: How can I think more strategically when there’s never time to do it?

Maybe there is time, but you’re not doing it at the right  time.  Most people are trying to think big picture while they are in the same office—the same place that they do their day-to-day operational things, and because there’s so much on their desk (reminding of them of what must get done) they end up doing that instead of the more strategic thinking they told themselves they would do.

As an Executive Coach, one of the questions I like to ask clients is where they were when they came up with some of the most creative and strategic ideas they share with me.  What I’m learning is that they are in the shower, on a biking trail, out shopping with a friend or even on a vacation.  Rarely were they at their desk.

Much of their great ideas occurred when they were “off duty”, so to speak. They kicked up their feet, sat back and took time to relax.  That’s when the mind goes places that it doesn’t always go when in the office.

It happened to me this weekend. I have one company where I not only do corporate training, but also coaching each individual on the team.  This requires me to come up with a really good question each month and comparing their answers.  Here’s how I came up with this month’s question:

I like to do a Saturday morning bike ride out in the Everglades while listening  to some smooth jazz music.  It has become a weekly thing.  This week’s ride was a long one, so when I came back home I made a cup of coffee, kicked up my feet out my lanai and let my mind wander.  Almost immediately I thought of  ideas I wanted to capture and planned not just one project—but three.

Now I want you to try it:

  1.     Pick a time when you are not “on the clock”.
  2.    Choose an activity you love (and that maybe even makes you sweat a little).
  3.    After the activity, kick your feet up and relax.
  4.    Let your mind wander.
  5.    Record your thoughts and ideas and see what you come up with.

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