It’s A Fine Line, but It’s Worth Examining

There is this fine line you walk each day. It’s the line between utilizing systems that have been effective for you AND experimenting with new systems that you may want to try. For instance, I like the systems I have in place for tracking my weight, exercise and nutrition. I don’t make significant changes, because I like the results I get.

I do experiment with productivity systems I use, however, because I feel there are even better ones out there and I want to use the most effective ones for me in whatever stage I am at in the work that I do.

My daily performance, then, means that I …
(1) Use systems that have proven effective and beneficial for me.
(2) Get rid of systems that don’t get the results that I need.
(3) Make changes to existing systems to get even better results
(4) Add new ones that will help me reach a higher level

How about you? Take a sheet of paper and turn it to landscape size (11 inches wide). Now make four vertical columns. In the first column, list systems that you’d never want to change. In the second column, list systems that no longer work. Your third column will be systems you would like to change. Finally in the fourth column, list new systems you would like to bring on board. You could also put dates behind each item so that you make these great things happen.

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