Is There a Disconnect in How You Operate?

I was admiring how well a store owner I met treated her customers. I watched her in action. She really knew how to make feel the customer feel like they were the only one that mattered. She created the ultimate customer experience.

Then I had a chance to go behind the scenes and see her in action with her employees. Back at her office must have been her evil twin. Surely this wasn’t the same woman. She barked orders at each person, treating them like they were not worthy of the time they needed from her.

The manager had one employee in tears as she listed all the things that the employee had done wrong. The more I looked at the employees, I realized they were probably good team members but tired of being cut down all day long.

I remembered why they say that it’s important to first care for your employees and then your customers. It means that the values you instill in those employees will help them be good to customers. As to why this manager would treat people this way is probably a topic for another blog, but several questions come to mind:


  1. Do you have the same respect for your team members as you do for your customers?
  2. Do you treat them any differently?
  3. Do you demonstrate the same amount of patience you would for a customer?
  4. How do your leaders treat people?
  5. Is your culture like the Ritz-Carlton, where you see yourself as “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

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