I’ll Have a Turkey, Apple & Harvarti Croissant

I love to fly.  There’s nothing like being up in the clouds in a world where there are no disturbances.  You can accomplish a whole day’s work in a two-hour flight.  When I fly, I also like to eat.  Sometimes I purchase food and take it on the plane, but other times I’m ready to order from the airline’s menu.  That is, if they have it available.

The airline I fly has this fabulous menu that has tempting pictures of everything they offer.  They probably spent a lot of money to print these menus.  The only problem is they don’t offer this food most of the time.  Even though it says it’s offered on a flight that’s two hours long, it’s not really true.

Recently I decided to quiz the flight attendant on this matter:

Me:  “So you don’t really offer this food, even though it says you do?”

Her:  “That’s right.  I’m not sure why they have that menu.  We never have that available.”

So all day long she and other attendants must be ready to tell people that the closest they will get to having any of the tempting items on the menu is to look at the pretty pictures of them.

What about your business?  What do you say you do that you don’t?

                            ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

  • Ask your team members:  “ Do we do everything we say we do?”
  • Look at every policy and sign in the organization and give it the truth test.
  • Now think about everything you’ve told your team to say to customers.  Is it all true?
  • Think about all you SHOULD offer that you don’t.  
  • Decide which of these things should be added to your “menu” to increase business and please prospects and customers.
  • Put these offerings into action

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