“I Took Some Long Looks in the Mirror”

This is a quote from a CEO of a firm in Florida.  His name is Louis Bruno of Bruno Total Home Performance  and the article about him ran in an April edition the Business Observer of Florida.  Here is his full quote:

“I took some long looks in the mirror.  I realized I had a lot to learn”

That’s a really good exercise for all of us to do, regardless of what we do in life.  When you look in the mirror, you will first see whether you have the image that you want.  How would you respond if you met that person in the mirror? But you have an extra advantage of being able to look deep into that person.  You know his or her skills. You know what he or she thinks. You know what’s deep into his or her soul.

As you think about this, you’ll begin to think about what you want to improve, change, or just think about.  You might want to keep a pad and pen nearby so that you can list what you are thinking.

Don’t stop looking at the man or woman in the mirror.  This is your chance to meet the real you and think about what’s next in your life.

And by the way, because you are in a quiet, peaceful place when you look in the mirror, don’t be afraid to talk out loud to yourself.  You may be surprised about what you come up with. You may also feel very warm and content that you took the time just for you. This exercise is truly “ME TIME”.


  • Be bold.  Look in the mirror and note what and who you see.
  • See where your mind goes and get ready to take some notes about what you want for yourself.
  • After looking in that mirror (taking as much time as you want) what should you do next?
  • Look at the notes you take and shape them into solid goals, including when you will do them.
  • Down the road, take another look in the mirror and see if you see someone different.

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