How to Handle a Difficult Person (Try my HELLO Method)

Q: How do you handle a difficult person you manage or work with?

A: Give my HELLO METHOD a try.

Occasionally I have a client who is in a quandary about how to handle someone who is not easy to deal with. In fact, they spend quite a bit of time talking about them.

Because there is so much to be done in our business world today and because we don’t really want to re-visit issues with a difficult person.  Try these steps:

  1. Hear all of what the person has to say so that you are dealing only with the facts.
  2. Explain exactly why you think they did not handle a situation(s) well.
  3. List the internal or external people or systems that were affected.
  4. Let them tell you what they could do better the next time it happens.
  5. Only let It happen once.  If you’re a manager, act quickly. If it’s a co-worker, it’s time to speak up.



It’s the beginning of the year.  Take action to rectify some difficult situations in your life:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle of the paper.
  2. On the left side, list people or situations who (or that) have been difficult and causing problems.
  3. Leave plenty of room under each one so that on the right side you can list solutions.
  4. Take one at a time and hit them head on so that you improve your work culture.

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