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How to Bloom All Year Long

Question: Sometimes I get so tired. How do I peak perform with consistency?

One of the many beautiful things about living in Florida is the vegetation. The flowers, in particular, are so beautiful. Most of the grocery stores here feature colorful orchids in the entry way of their stores all year long. For some reason, we’ve become used to always having a live orchid in our home.

Once the orchids are done booming inside our home, we attach them to our palm trees outside the home. They may be dormant for a few weeks, but then start to bloom again. Having lived in colder parts of the country most of my life, I’m not used to that.

How about you? Today’s challenges make it so that you must continually bloom—be at your very best– no matter what your role is in our organization.

Something else you might consider is this: If you every stop blooming for too long, the person you report to may notice—and there may be someone looking for your job who knows how to continually bloom. Ask yourself this question: “Am I continually blooming so that I can accomplish not only my goals, but those of my organization?”

How do you do that? (1) Stay positive at all times. (2) Take breaks every 90 minutes (3) Set aside 90 minutes each day to do your top level thinking. (4) Get enough sleep. (5) Get 30 minutes of exercise each day– many times that’s when you get creative. (7) Always take your vacations.

Keep on blooming. You will amaze yourself at what you accomplish throughout your life.

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