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How much time do you lose with unproductive thinking each day?


Some people ask me to back up my claim in PerfectTIMING (the time management book I wrote) where I said that by using some of my strategies you can save two hours each day. But once I give them a few of my ideas, they see how the minutes from time wasters can quickly add up.

Today, lets focus on an area that goes way back in the recesses of your mind. I want to get in your head so that I can see how you think and what you think about. Scary, right? Actually what I want to find out is whether you are both a healthy and positive thinker.

By healthy, I mean are you able to clear the clutter of voices in your head so that you spend very little time worrying about any negative comments someone said to you (or about you)? If your answer is “no”, we may need to climb into your mind and toss some things out.

If your answer is “yes”, congratulations on spending your time thinking about positive things– the positive things that help you accomplish your daily goals.

I mention in PerfectTIMING that you should think of your PefectTHREE goals for your day EVERY day. In other words, what are the three things that you should do above all else. Your mind should be clear of anything that does not move you toward accomplishing those goals.

How do interruptions in your mind occur? It’s when you think about something someone said and it bothers you. You are probably replaying the situation in your mind and what was said over and over again. Count the minutes that you spend on those thoughts and look at that number. It’s this type of interruption that keeps you from your higher level of thinking AND it accomplished absolutely nothing.

Studies show when you are interrupted it takes you 23 minutes to get back to where you were. So add 23 minute to your number and NOW see how much time you’ve wasted.

It’s far better for to have positive, powerful self-talk going on in your mind than mindless wandering. Try starting your day with this kind of “healthy” thinking and you will gain hours of time each week.

And make sure that your thoughts are positive. Studies also show that more of your days will turn out the way you want them to be if you are a person who always envisions success.

Now go out and have a healthy, positive, great day!

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