Getting Older, but Getting So Much Better!

Sometimes I think we forget how great we are– and how great we are becoming. Think about all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years and the connections you’ve made with people. Also, consider all of the experiences you’ve had– some bad, but mostly good. It’s enough to make you quite the Powerhouse!

But sometimes we look at work as just a way to make money. If you think that way, it’s time to light a fire under yourself OR consider another occupation. Maybe you need a new career so that you can learn new skills and have all new experiences. That will make you even more powerful.

Occasionally you will hear someone say that it’s a shame we lose our ability to play and be really creative over the years. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A recent study I saw talked about the fact that you are actually able to have more fun and be more creative as you get older. It’s just that we’re afraid to break out of the mold we’ve put ourselves in.

Think about all of this today:
1. Exactly why are you in the career you are in?
2. Do you like where you work?
3. Do you have passion for your work each and every day?
4. Would you go to work even if you didn’t get paid?
5. When is the last time you had some fun?
6. Just how creative are you in the job you are in.

If you have trouble answering some of these questions or the answers lean toward a negative response, you may want to give me a call. My “Executive Coaching Experience” may be just what you need to reach your next level in life.

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The Executive Coaching Experience
by Daniel P. Chiodo
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