As an executive coach, I sometimes help clients hire people.  I’ve gathered some great questions to ask candidates– many times saving owners of organizations time and money down the road (when they would have hired someone who is not the best fit for them).

I believe in interviewing a candidate three different times in three different places with three different sets of interviewers.  This helps us get to know the person and get a feel for whether they will fit into the organization.

External and internal customer service is really big with me, so another way I judge people who look like potential hires is when they are off the clock and out in the community.  I’ve met some folks who have served me at my favorite eating spots, but they don’t return a “hello” when I say “hello” to them. This is one of my guides as to what a person will be like if they work for an organization.

You may say that perhaps the person on the street didn’t recognize me, but that’s not the point.  This person didn’t have the interest or gumption to give me a simple “hello”.  They would not be a good fit for any organization I run.

After all, I like the principle of treating every person you know as if you will work for them some day.  That keeps us customer service oriented at all times.


                            ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

Do some self-reflection about these questions:

1.  Do you always greet people you meet on the street enthusiastically?
2.  Do you answer your phone with a smile?
3.  Does your voice mail sound like you carefully prepared it with a smile?
4.  Do you hold the door for the person behind you, as you enter a store?
5.  What can you do to kick your friendliness level up a notch?

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