Customers Speak Louder than Leaders -Episode 19 with Guest Christopher Chiodo

Christopher Chiodo, Senior Product Manager at Walmart talks about having everything revolve around the customer.  Although this is the talk in the tech and software world, we can use some of these ideas in whatever we do.  Get ready to “level up” your organization after this radio podcast episode.





Customer Centricity
     A.  Customers speak louder than words
            Let the customers tell you what they want; don’t assume
     B.  Everything you do should relate to the customer:  if they don’t want it, don’t do it
             Will it be profitable?  Will it be beneficial?  If not, pull the plug
     A.  Is what you are doing benefiting your customers?
     B.  Today it’s about doing the right stuff, as fast as you can
     C.  How can you use technology to make it easier, better for customers?
     D.  The best ideas usually come from boots on the ground
     E.  Be stubborn on the vision, but flexible on the details
               Let your people know where to end up, the outcome you desire; the way to get there is up to them
Entrepreneurial Mindset
       A.  Share your vision, the outcome that you want to achieve
       B.  Can you people share it back with you?
       C.  Do they have the same level of passion as you?
       D.  Read  Extreme Ownership:  How US Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink

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