Check off the areas where you could use support

  1. Develop a business image to match present or desired corporate status _____
  2. Focus present performance for business results _____
  3. Develop a personal and business vision which is anchored in personal values _____
  4. Implement sustainable actions to achieve vision _____
  5. Develop a strategy for career advancement and plan for succession _____
  6. Overcome personal limitations which jeopardize career advancement _____
  7. Overcome career setback or other disappointment which impacts motivation _____
  8. Increase confidence and skills in guiding major organizational change _____
  9. Identify and leverage personal communication style strengths and overcome limitations ______
  10. Improve effectiveness of communication with diverse styles of others. _____
  11. Overcome personal limitations or gaps in self awareness which hinder _____ relationships and achievement of strategic business results
  12. Build personal financial reserves and simplify lifestyle _____
  13. Strengthen non-business identity and balance work and personal life _____
  14. Develop a strategy to expand networks and sphere of influence _____
  15. Increase awareness of one’s ability to influence and inspire others to greatness _____
  16. Improve team dialogue _____
  17. Learn to coach individuals and teams for achievement of breakthrough results _____
  18. Incorporate 360 degree leader feedback _____
  19. Deepen personal and business perspective _____
  20. Create a safety zone for examining organizational politics and interpersonal  conflicts _____


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