Each Program is Unique

I take a “whole life” approach to coaching. Some clients want to concentrate more on their career. Others want to put more emphasis on their life in general. We will actually cover both areas, since either one would be incomplete without the other.


We will start out by taking a look at the client’s whole life, by doing a process called THE LIFELINE. After that, we ask some very important questions that will determine where we start in the program. The questions are called THE STARTING LINE.


Following that we will meet on a frequency determined by the client and the coach. Most people find the process very satisfying. They say that they are familiar some of the iMPACT processes we use, but they’ve never had someone to hold them accountable and guide them to success. That is my role as a coach.

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The Executive Coaching Experience
by Daniel P. Chiodo
As an introduction to the “Executive Coaching Experience” program, please complete this assignment to receive a complimentary session to discuss the results.