Whether you lead a small business or work at a senior level in Corporate America You can benefit from iMPACT Training & Development courses, which cover these topic areas:

Executive Coaching—Through a comprehensive evaluation of your professional and personal life, you’ll work through processes including the “lifeline” and “starting line” that help you identify your goals.  One-on-one mentoring and accountability ensure that your objectives are met.

MAINPoint Strategic Communication—Using established best practices, learn how to communicate using the “Three C’s”: Clearly, Concisely, and Crisply. To further polish your skills, complete the full course.

Time Management—Through improved organization of your work day, breaking the mold of traditional agendas to hold a “perfect meeting,” and empowering your work groups to be successful. This course uses Dan’s book “Perfect TIMING” as the guideline.

Top Shelf Customer Care—Through identifying the most overlooked customer and a review of the most tried and true customer service techniques to become a customer service extraordinaire.

Team Leaders Tool Box—Through identifying the specific leadership tools you need, stretching your strengths and learning how to bridge generation gaps.

Strategic Planning—Through working through the process of creating a meaningful and lasting mission, vision and values. This course can be taught in a coaching program or as a seminar for large groups.

John Maxwell CoursesThese courses are offered in the form of seminars, mastermind groups and “lunch and learns”.

DISCDISC is a powerful tool that helps guide executives to peak performances.

Selling with iMPACTLearn the sales tools you need so that you are successful in the new selling environment.

PERFORM with iMPACTYou’ll love the simplicity of our performance evaluationand so will your employees.


To get the most impact from your training, it is suggested to take one full day to complete each course module. However, any course can be customized to fit within the time available.

Live coaching always provides the most personal and valuable experience, but other technologies such as webinars, video/Skype, phone or other technology can be used as well.

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The Executive Coaching Experience
by Daniel P. Chiodo
As an introduction to the “Executive Coaching Experience” program, please complete this assignment to receive a complimentary session to discuss the results.