Bringing Unity to Your Community -Episode 20 with Guest Gary Stubblefield

In this Level Up podcast, Gary Stubblefield gives us some great tips on how to grow an organization by getting its members on board with programs that make a difference for not only the businesses in the area but also the community at large.





Growing a Chamber and a Community
“It’s not the size of the community, but the size of the heart of the community.”
How to grow Chamber of Commerce membership ( or your organization)
Recruit a lot of good people to help you
When you ask for help, be ready and willing to listen and to accept help
Your idea/plan/event may go in a different direction, but don’t fret…it may be an even better one
How to plan great Community Events:  
This could be helpful for any organization that wants to do work within the community…
Be willing to copy and steal good ideas
Make the events you plan an experience for the sponsors as well as the attendees
Getting the most out of conferences you attend in your field…
It’s not just from the speakers (although you get a lot of good information here, that may point out new and innovative concepts
Visit with the person seated next to you– they may be facing what you are facing
Be willing to find ideas from all directions.  Talk to everyone.
Find something that is important for your community (or organization) To achieve great things:  Be the organization that brings “Unity to Your Community”

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