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Blocking Time for your TPP of the Day

Question:  “How do I find time during the day to do my TPP (Top Priority Project)?”

Question:  “How do I find time during the day to do my TPP (Top Priority Project)?”

The above is what a participant asked me at my last PerfectTIMING seminar.  The person liked the concepts I presented, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish a TPP (Top Priority Project) during the day.  She said she just had too many interruptions and  never found time for her TPPs.

Accomplishing your TPP during the day goes beyond “time management.”  An important item like this involves “self- management”.  If you have a TPP necessary for your job, you must find a way to block the time to do it.  If you don’t, you are saying to the world that you can’t handle your job.  Worse yet, you can’t manage yourself.   I don’t believe that’s true about you!

Let me present a scenario that may show you that you can find time to do something important (if you really want to):

If your child called you and said they needed to discuss an important issue with you right now, you would drop what you were doing and focus on what they needed.  The discussion could take 20 or 30 minutes, but you’d do it.  And I bet you would still be able to complete most of your tasks for the day.

Use that same thinking with your TPP.  Block the time you will need and be sure to write the TPP in your schedule book (or your electronic device). By doing this, you’ve made an appointment with the most important person in your life—YOU!  Also, do your most essential TPP early in the week so that you can celebrate completing it as early as possible.  Here’s one more tip.  Do it early in the day when you are freshest.  Save the items that are less essential for later in the day when you are not at your highest peak performance level.

Let’s review this formula again.


  1. Select the TPP you want to accomplish tomorrow.
  2. Write it in your planner (or put it into your electronic device.)
  3. Allow extra time so that you have some breathing room.
  4. Let people know you are in a “Do Not Disturb Zone” so interruptions are eliminated or limited.
  5. See how much you can accomplish when you focus only on your TPP
  6. BONUS TIP:  Plan to do the same thing tomorrow… and the next day… and the next day…

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