Be Sure Your Idea Fits Your Market

I once worked for a corporation that brought us to their home headquarters to do a marketing conference. We were from all over the country and each one of us had unique special promotions that we did to supplement regular revenues in our individual markets. We were each asked to present what we did as promotions throughout the entire year.

After the presentations, the Vice President in charge issued an edict:  We were all to go back home and do every promotion that was presented that day.

When executives went back home they found that this task was futile. Yes, there were some that could be done, but some just didn’t fit that particular market. How do you have an “Enjoy Your  Local Beaches” promotion when the closest beach is hundreds of miles away?

In this world of Customer Centricity, it’s important to make sure that what you do is always centered around the customer. If not, you’re thinking about yourself and not the customer or potential customer.

                            ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

  1. List all of the special promotions you do for the throughout the year.
  2. After writing them down, list the benefit each one has to the customer or potential customer.
  3. If there are any that have no benefit, get rid of them.
  4. Next,  get an advisory group of customers and potential customers together
  5. Ask them what they need and want for their lives
  6. Design brand new promotions around that.

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